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Dalt Turó wines express the character of unique conditions and the effort of a wine-growing family that believes in integrated production and environmental balance. Fossilized dunes, call vermell (red soil), embat (south wind), artisan production and varietal respect make the differences with which our wines want to reach your glass.

Bodega Dalt Turo
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We wanted to produce in shallow soils with quite stony grounds in an area in which the rains were scarce … but we had a subsoil of sandstone, soils with abundant iron oxides (call vermell) and some plots of land at the top of the hill, constantly affected by the sea breeze (embat) that aerate the fruit at all times softening the temperatures, and benefiting the final ripening of the grape.

We believed in the project and began a long journey of effort in order to achieve it.


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At Dalt Turó our goal is to offer our visitors, not only a pleasant experience for the palate, but a complete and enriching experience of the integral project of the farm, through our wines and events.

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We believe that those that usually do “Vineing” with us, deserve a very special treatment. Therefore we have created a “Club” with which you can have preferential access to exclusive events, discounts, private sales, sets of farm products, and raffles of our products.

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