Discover our adventure

How did the project start?

Dalt Turó was born from the dream of a family that is linked to the land where we are located since time immemorial and that wants to continue transmitting values of sacrifice and effort to new generations.

We are winegrowers, farmers and ranchers, and we feel as one more element of an integral project in which we produce wines and other farm products; we are a cog in the wheel with which we seek to obtain quality wines from responsible viticulture that respects the environment, with the aim also of generating a circular economy.

The existence of a vineyard inside an old quarry, led to the soil study from the profile of the subsoil easily visible on its walls. In this study it was highlighted that our subsoil was formed by dune systems of the Pleistocene and Pliocene during which the entry and exit of the sea in the basin of Campos, caused the emergence of large areas of seabed sandstones that were accumulated by the action of wind between 3.6 and 0.7 million years ago.

The consolidation of sand grains is called sandstone, chemically composed of 90% calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Out of the other components iron is the main one, because the surface horizon of the land is formed by soil of “call vermell” (name given to the reddish-clayey soils with abundant ferric oxide).



To the edaphological potential of the soil, we added the agronomic and technical knowledge that we had, to develop plantations of the varieties that best adapt to our lands. Of these varieties, the majority is Callet, which together with some local ones (such as Mantonegro, Escursac and Malvasia de Banyalbufar) and other foreign varieties (like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah), make up our current vineyards.



What we do

We work in a system of integrated production, in which resources and natural regulation mechanisms are used to ensure a lively and lasting agriculture, reducing damage to the environment, improving soil fertility and seeking environmental balance through the protection of biodiversity.
The success of a wine depends, to a large extent, on the quality of its harvest.

For this reason we strive to take care of the vineyard and constantly watch over each one of the stages of the growth process of the vine cycle, prioritizing preventive treatments, organic fertilization and mechanical weeding or through our flock of sheep from the fall of the leaves to the inflorescence. The harvest is always done manually by plots and varieties, selecting the best clusters in the field and minimizing impacts in 10 kg boxes that are immediately collected and transported to the winery in a short time.


The Winery

Natural processes

The winery is located inside an old restored sandstone quarry, surrounded by vineyards and forests that make the place an example of integration and sustainability.
The building makes the most of space and temperature and it is divided into several rooms. In them stainless steel, cement and french oak tanks are distributed, in which we ferment or age our wines.

The facilities allow cold maceration, low temperature fermentation with gentle pump-overs in individual tanks per plot or variety, and a respectful aging process to achieve structured wines in which the primitive aromas are still present. For this reason, we mainly use 500 L french oak barrels of which less than a quarter are newly purchased.

We look for varietal wines, in which the aromas of the fruit of our vineyards are expressed without masking the flavours. We are not afraid of producing low alcoholic wines with soft layers, we fear that they have no character.

The labels of our wines display images and names that refer to different types of sandstone (marés), in homage to those workers who with so much effort sculpted the quarries, creating a unique product based on their craftsmanship, creativity, tradition and relationship with the environment. Just as the Dalt Turó winery understands that its wines must elaborated and aged.